Selected Forum Discussions

This is a catalog of a few of my most involved forum discussions. They are separated into 4 categories; evidence that God exists, abortion, article discussions, and other.


Debate with Tony Sharp

# 2 March 2006

This is a catalog of my brief exchange with Tony Sharp.

1. Sharp’s original article HERE.

2. My first response HERE.

3. Sharp’s rebuttal HERE.

4. My second response HERE.

Debate with Gareth Nelson

A relatively brief exchange with an atheist.


Debate with Brian Holtz

# 23 February 2006

This is a catalog of the discussion between myself and Brian Holtz (see his website HERE).

1. Holtz’s Original Article HERE

2. My Rebuttal HERE

3. Holtz’s First Response HERE

4. My First Response HERE

5. Holtz’s Second Response HERE

6. My Second Response HERE

Debate with Logic

This is an e-mail correspondence I had with a nontheist.